Trending Website Exposures in 2020

You need visitor’s attention towards your website.

The traffic flow is moderate but not insane?

People are getting confused between similar prototypes, as most of the brands out there are following traditional design aspects.

It’s time to grab their attention with some fresh website design exposures and provoke to engage them with your brand.

Introducing few yet most efficient techniques you need to adopt for your web platform:

Background Video

Luckily, not all of the brands out there are aware of this practical approach. But this is the most appropriate and trending strategy in the industry. As it gets your website, a modern look and marketers know it leads to create a winning impression and get visitor’s attention.

A few Web Page examples:

MyProvence Festival

MyProvence Festival is a Tourism Web Platform. Featuring a combination of nature aspects and explore new areas.

Ditto Residential | Fine Residential Developments

Ditto Residential is a property development company. The highlights used in visuals leads to promote better living.

Logo Orbit: Custom Logo Design Services

Logo Orbit is a custom logo design agency and online logo maker. See how creatively they convey their artwork within a few seconds.

Parallax Scrolling

Designers are getting intelligent, introducing theoretical concepts captivate entrepreneurs and marketers to grab such visual tactics as a powerful approach for their web platforms. People are converting their site design to parallax scrolling to create an immense illusion effect. Seize the opportunity and start working on redesigning your site before it gets more competitive.

Here are examples of some top-graded brands to get an idea:


Get to know how creatively Dogstudio website is optimized while scrolling it reflects the 3D animation.

Building the future

Each object, whether content or images are combined graphically to drive an illusion effect while scrolling downwards and vice versa.

New York Times: Tomato Can Blues

It’s not always about a web page. An article that can be more attractive while reading. Seamless concept to engage readability with parallax scrolling.

Considering the fact, illusion effects could bring extensive rectification to your landing page if modulated accurately.

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